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Congratulations to all of our Oireachtas dancers!

The New England Oireachtas took place on November 18th - 20th, 2016 at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI. Congratulations to all of our dancers. We are so proud of you!


Megan Stella 2nd WQ, NQ

Casey Bartley 4th NQ

Eme Wyndam 4th WQ, NQ

Morgan Gentilucci 6th NQ

Erin Murphy 6th WQ NQ

Maeve Cahill 7th WQ, NQ

Caileen Foley 7th NQ

Emily McClure 12th WQ NQ

Dara Gadbois 14th NQ

Keira Gentilucci 14th NQ

Grace Kelley 14th NQ

Molly Humphrey 15th NQ

Maggie McGovern 15th NQ

Anna Wyndam 20th NQ

Keeley Zona 22nd NQ

Molly Wall 23rd

Mary Gibbons 30th

Maggie Burton 31st

Norah Garvey 33rd

Ainslee Rice 44th

Anmarie Huggett 45th

Maeve Wiser 49th

Sigrid Hiser 51st


Mollie Hagearty 13th

Elizabeth Guertin 4th

Riley Bisnette 22nd

Sophie Gibbons 6th

Maddy Ebert 17th

Brady Moore 5th

Mackenzie Hagearty 20th

Ann Hendrickson 11th

Maura Souza 9th

Deirdre Belger 7th


U10 Ceili - 5th

Girls 4 hand U10- 20th

Girls 4 hand U12-4th

Girls 4 hand U12 -13th

Girls 4 hand U15A -16th

Girls 4 hand U15B -10th

Girls 4 hand O15- 18th

Mixed 4 hand U10- 7th

Mixed 4 Hand U12- 5th

Mixed 4 Hand U12 - 6th


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