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2023-2024 Dance Year

You may now register your dancer(s) by clicking here.



Beginner and Advanced Beginner:

1 (45 minute) class per week, $175 per trimester

Advanced Beginner and Novice:

2 (1 hour) classes per week, $335 per trimester

Preliminary and Open Championship:

2 (2 hour) classes per week, $400 per trimester


Rates are based on number of classes per week, per student, per session, with 3 sessions per year. Additional classes (e.g. Oireachtas prep) and workshops will require additional fees when applicable. Payment for additional/optional practices scheduled throughout the year (e.g. feis practices) will be due prior to the start of class.

A registration fee of $40.00 per dancer (once per school year) is due at the time of registration.

Please note:

  • Payment for each session is due at the start of the trimester (September 10th, December 1st, and March 1st)

  • You must pay a $25 late fee if tuition is not paid within 10 days of each due date.

  • If you would like to set up a payment plan, email Clare.

  • A sibling discount applies after two children, email Clare for further information.

  • Beginners may try their first class at either location for free.

  • Boys are free for their first trimester.

  • You will receive a $25 credit towards your tuition for each friend you refer (as long as he or she registers for a full trimester).

  • Our class schedule follows Worcester Public Schools. The studio will be closed when Worcester schools are closed for holidays, vacations, and inclement weather. Dancers can attend an extra class when their normal class night falls on a holiday or vacation, and may also make up classes canceled due to inclement weather.

  • Dancers are required to wear McInerney shorts, t-shirts, poodle socks (girls only), and the appropriate dance footwear.

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