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Congratulations to all of our dancers at the North American Championships!

Congratulations to all of our dancers who made us so proud at the 2017 North American Championships in New Orleans!

NANs took place on July 4th - 9th. We were so lucky to have 15 dancers representing us on the Nationals stage.

A special congratulations to our girls who medalled. We are so happy for you!

Maeve Cahill - 15th place, World Qualifier

Megan Stella - 22nd place, World Qualifier

Eme Wyndham - 24th place

Casey Bartley - 28th place

Grace Kelley - 31st place

Morgan Gentilucci - 31st place

Keeley Zona - 35th place

Keira Gentilucci - 35th place

Molly Humphrey - 38th place

Good job girls!

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